Who we are


You can experience it, too

The freedom to push your limits. The joy of being at the forefront of innovation. The pride that comes with feeding the world sustainably and affordably. These aren't some empty phrases. This is how it feels to work at Marel.

Our people

At Marel, we come from many different cultural, geographical, professional and personal backgrounds - and we're better because of it. Diverse people bring diverse experiences, which leads to richer discussions, fresh ideas, and better decisions. We encourage people to be themselves at work and aim to make everyone feel recognized, valued and respected, so that both our people and our organization can achieve their full potential.

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Our values

Our core values summarize what we stand for. We are united in our drive and ambitions to continually innovate and find new ways to deliver excellence in everything we do. It's why these 3 values represent our way of thinking and working together. They embody ideals that should be important to each and every employee.